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Blue and White Drip Gold

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3D Crystal Porcelain Painting

Product Size:

  • 1/3 60cm X 80cm
  • 2/3 60cm X 80cm
  • 3/3 60cm X 80cm


Using new hot-melting technology and special equipment to heat-melt the photo into the crystal material, the painting and the crystal material are integrated, and then combined with the density board.

Since the picture is completely isolated from the air, the crystal porcelain painting is anti-oxidation, permanent fidelity, no fading, waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, abrasion resistance, and anti-ultraviolet rays.

We use lightweight aluminum alloy frame which is anti-rust and durable. The Crystal Painting breaks the traditional decorative painting. It is more durable, easier to clean, and the design is rich and diverse.


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