Spring with Throw & Blankets

Spring with Throw & Blankets

When it comes to talking about the weather, Canadian want to say we don't have Spring. Right?

 It is the reality we don't feel warm enough, since that we keep saying winter is still here. But in our mind, we know that if we would get rid of the look and the feel of winter, then we can expect spring to arrive. The way you see the world should not be the same as it comes to you. It will be even better if you prepare for it well.

By the time we saw people wear Saint Patrick green on the streets, we know it is spring. It comes as it always does.

Now we need some fresh colors even though it looks still ugly grey and dirt is all over the streets nearby.

 What could be a good idea?

To add a blanket on top of your bed, a piece of throw on your reading chair, a few crafty cushions to decorate your sofa. Why not, something, anything, tell yourself, I need this, I can feel it changes. Spring!

That's the way how our Canadian talk and think and feel, about Spring!